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With the EU’s accession to the Istanbul Convention in 2023, and the agreement of the co-legislators on the EU’s first directive on combating violence against women and domestic violence in February 2024, the EU has committed to do all it can to prevent and combat gender-based violence, support and protect victims of such crimes, and hold perpetrators accountable for their abusive behaviour.

On 6 March 2024, the Commission and Vice President Věra Jourová will host a high-level event in Brussels on women in public life in the context of the upcoming elections, with panels covering women in politics, journalism, and civil society.

The panels will discuss the problem of women leaving public-facing positions earlier than their male counterparts, despite gains made in increasing representation, with the aim of coming up with a catalogue of concrete solutions to end this trend, including engagement of media platforms, regulatory bodies, and the political parties themselves.

The event will be available to livestream directly from the website on the day.

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